Brazilian social dance in Malmö, Sweden. Zouk and samba de gafieira organised by Jeanette Thuresson, with the most qualified invited guest teachers from around the globe.

    Cooperative partners in Sweden, Denmark and Brazil.



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  • NEWS

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    Weekly classes in BRAZILIAN ZOUK and FORRÓ with


    from Sao Paulo!

    Starting 20 April in Malmö.

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    During 2022 Jeanette has been to Brasil and has been at intense dance training so there has been no time to organise zouk classes in Malmö.

    We have a collaboration with the Copenhagen zouk scene where classes continue.


    We are honored and happy to have CAROLINE HAUGSTED and FELIPE MEGER teach zouk in Malmö during the autumn of 2021!

    Classes starting on October 5th at Malmö Live.

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    We are starting a closer collaboration with the Copenhagen zouk scene and are introducing WEEKLY CLASSES in MALMÖ with CAROLINE HAUGSTED from September 2020 onwards.

    Caroline Haugsted is currently one of Europe’s best zouk teachers, so this is really a great opportunity to create a strong zouk community in south Sweden, together with Denmark.

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    We always have a very fun, cosy and respectful atmosphere in classes and parties.


    No fixed follower-leader roles based on gender - you choose which role you want to dance!

  • Classes & workshops



    Classes in forró and brazilian zouk will start 20th of April 2023 and there will be a five weeks course, planned on Thursdays.

    Zoukcess classes in Malmö 2021, foto by Jeanette Thuresson


    Weekly classes in BRAZILIAN ZOUK and FORRÓ



    from Sao Paulo!

    These dancers and teachers are among the most popular in the world right now.

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    Thursdays 20 April - 18 May

    Forró 18-19

    Zouk from zero 19-20

    Zouk Int/advanced 20-21


    Check their mix of brazilian dances


    Check their zouk dancing


    Zoukcess classes in Malmö 2021, foto by Jeanette Thuresson



    Studiefrämjandet, Ystadgatan 53D (studio 308, upstairs). The first time we meet in the foyer 15 minutes before.


    850 sek /one class a week

    1 250 sek /two classes a week

    1 600 sek /three classes a week

    Drop-in: 220 sek/one class, 350 sek/two classes, 470 sek/three classes.

    First drop-in class: 120 sek



  • Past classes & weekends

    Zouk with CAROLINE & FELIPE

    autumn 2021

    Location:  Malmö Live


    Caroline Haugsted see previous.

    Felipe Meger has studied Brazilian ballroom dancing; zouk, kizomba, bachata, sertanejo, samba, forró, bolero, among other dances - and also solo dances like hiphop and contemporary. He has also had the opportunity to dedicate himself to body awareness techniques, technical movement, communication skills, body biomechanics and relationship through body language.

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    Location: Malmö Live


    Caroline Haugsted has a bachelor in teaching dance from the University of the Arts in Amsterdam. She has many years of experience in dance, but her favorite dance is Brazilian Zouk. She dances and teaches Brazilian Zouk, Bachata, High Heels, Modern, Modern jazz, Jazz, Contemporary, Improvisation and Ballet, as well as Barre, Reformer Pilates and Yoga. She has been teaching and organizing Zouk in Copenhagen for seven years.


    March 2019


     Malmö Live and Studio Malmö


    Val Clemente and Vanessa Bonilha from Rio de Janeiro are among the most popular and requested brazilian zouk couples in the world, known for their methodological teaching, inspiring musicality, amazing dancing and great personalities.

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    autumn 2018


    Malmö Live and Danscentrum Syd


    Fernando has been dancing zouk for the past ten years. He learnt zouk from the international teacher Junior Carvalho and he is teaching and promoting the dance since 2010.

    For Fernando zouk is "the healthiest drug" ever: "Magic happens when you are one with the partner and with the music". As a teacher he has a good feeling for the needs of his students and makes them enjoy the dance while learning.


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    May 2017


    Studio Malmö and Danscentrum Syd


    Dadinho from Sao Paulo is one of the most famous zouk dancers in the world, known for his special hip hop style into the traditional zouk that has influenced many dancers around the world. He is a widely appreciated pedagogue and artist.



    December 2016


    Malmö Live and Tangopalatset


    Freddy Marinho and Andressa Castelhano are world famous and always extremely appreciated teachers from Rio de Janeiro, currently living in Helsinki where they have built up a big brazilian zouk school with students that everyone love to dance with, some of them now travelling and competing and teaching themselves.


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    Malmö Live & Carib creol

    Classes in brazilian zouk and Samba de gafieira were held at Malmö Live, and dance nights at Carib Kreol, with dj Francisco. A very enthusiastic group of dancers was created, with a wonderful atmosphere.

    Fabricio Belgrano now lives in Gothenburg and continues to teach zouk through Carioca Zouk, but he is a frequent guest at events in Malmö, organised by Jeanette through Zoukcess.

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    ZOUK with Jeanette & Lucrecia

    May-June 2016


    Tryckeriet, Sofielund

    When Lucrecia Noltorp and Jeanette Thuresson re-opened Zoukcess in the summer of 2016 the interest in discovering brazilian social dance turned out to be very big and we had to close registrations after only a few days. The classes later on continued as Fabricio Belgrano joined the company in the beginning of the autumn.

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    ZOUK with Sanna and Jeanette


    Locations: Jeanette's office at Möllevången, Tryckeriet, Malmö Danscenter, CubaCafé

    Sanna Nilsson and Jeanette Thuresson introduced brazilian zouk in Malmö and started Zoukcess in 2009, on Sanna Nilsson's initiative.

    Jeanette Thuresson had been to Brazil to train samba and afrobrasilian dances when she discovered zouk and Sanna Nilsson had been in Brazil training capoeira and found zouk and lambazouk, training for famous teachers such as Gilson Damasco and Leonardo Neves & Layssa Liebscher.

    Dance nights were held at CubaCafé and classes at different locations starting at Kristianstadsgatan, where Jeanette was working in a studio. Some of the people that came continued to grow an interest in zouk and are still attending Zoukcess events and other zouk events all over the world.

    Sanna Nilsson now lives in Australia, and Jeanette is the head of Zoukcess. But it would never have happened without Sanna - thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  • About us

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    Jeanette Thuresson

    Jeanette is one of the founders of Zoukcess and started zouk in Malmö for the first time in 2009 together with Sanna Nilsson. She also introduced samba de gafieira for the first time in Malmö in 2016.

    Jeanette has a background in contemporary dance, jazz, samba, afro brazilian dances and tango, before starting to study zouk more intensively.

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    Fabricio Belgrano

    Fabricio is from Rio de Janeiro and has been trained in zouk in the famous dance school of Renata Pecanha and in forró and samba de gafieira. He is a much appreciated dancer and teacher.

    Fabricio was teaching zouk and samba de gafieira in Malmö with Zoukcess 2016-2017.

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    Collaborations & partners

    Zoukcess has collaborations with Johanna Särnsjö (in picture) and Carioca zouk in Gothenburg, with Caroline Haugsted and Connie Yndal in Copenhagen, with the Segers and ZoukSweden in Eskilstuna, with ZoukSoc, Zouk in Stockholm and Brazouka in Stockholm, with the zouk communities in Oslo and in Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg and Helsingborg, and with zouk professionals Freddy&Andressa in Helsinki. We also have collaborations with Val Clemente &Vanessa Bonilha from Rio de Janeiro.

    Over the years we have also had arrangements with Felipe Meger (2020-2021) from Brazil, Fernando Rodriguez (2018) from Bremen, Dadinho (2017) from Sao Paulo and Getulio Ramalho (2009-2011) from Belo Horizonte in Brazil.

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    Caroline Haugsted

    Caroline graduated in 2018 with Bachelor degree in teaching dance at the AHK (Bachelor of Arts in Education - Dance). In 2014 she founded Zouk in Copenhagen. In 2016, she started her own dance school, Zonen for dans & bevægelse, also based in Copenhagen, now called Inflow.

    Caroline is someone who believes that everyone can dance, and therefore all her dance classes are inclusive classes where everyone is made to feel welcome. She offers classes and workshops in Brazilian Zouk, Bachata, Zouk Ladystyling, Bachata Ladystyling, partner improvisation, high heels, contemporary, modern floorwork, alignment & placement, ballet, jazz, and improvisation for adults, as well as creative movement, modern, and ballet for children ages 2-15. She also gives creative movement classes for elderly and for people with injuries, handicaps and illnesses.

    NOTE that Caroline teaches both leader and followers roles in brazilian zouk and is an appreciated dancer in both roles.

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